I think I’ve discovered that I’m no longer a member of any organized religion

I think I've discovered that I'm no longer a member of any organized religion

<p>Not sure whether anybody else has noticed this, but have you noticed that when you start reading different interpretations of religious texts, you start forming your own opinion? I’m afraid I’ve been doing that, so much so that my friends and I who share the same belief set, I think that more than a few of us have been awakening to the old ways, and whether that’s by accident or on purpose, only God knows, decided to create our own interpretation, and while we don’t proselytize, I’ve noticed that we’re actually awakening people to the other interpretations as well. I’ve been reading authors like Claire Nahmad, Geoffrey Hodson, D. J. Conway, Edain McCoy, and so on, and with each one, I gain a new insight, so much so that my Catholic upbringing has basically nearly turned to mush. I’m wondering, though, whether or not that’s a bad thing necessarily. I feel as if I’ve found God during my own self-exploration more so than I’ve ever been able to do while taking CCD classes, for example. Not to mention, I helped my friend find the same when he woke up, himself having supposedly pledged to not have any faith since he was ten years old, before I knew him. What do you guys think? Is it a sin to find your own interpretation of what was written for us?</p>

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